Integrated data driven Chinese digital marketing strategy, social media, data analysis, big data and machine learning for China market all starts from here in one place
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Red Digital offers below Chinese digital marketing service to clients:

Chinese website and mobile app

If you are a B2B provider, we help customize your Chinese website, mobile app that fits your industry and consumers’ taste for the China market. For B2C start-up, and small and medium size companies, selling product via a good distribution channel in China is expensive, because there is a lot of legal, custom regulations and investment to be taken care of in order to scale the business legally and properly in China. Selling in and require a large sum of security deposit and investment.

With a reasonable cost, we offer a total e-commerce, m-commerce, and logistic solution which helps start-up, small and medium size enterprise to test the market, localize and launch your brand in the China market before making large investment.

Chinese social media

We don’t just manually translate and post Chinese social media feed, we do creative branding and content that fits your brand image, either it is WeChat or weibo. We write localized Chinese content that is relevant and resonate to the Chinese customers’ phycology, taste, feeling etc. We keep watching latest Chinese popular news, dramas and movies to ride on the latest buzz.

We love to develop creative WeChat HTML5 mico-website for product showcase, branding, user acquisition campaign, survey, lucky draw, coupon, invitation card etc. We don’t do the hard-selling content either, instead, we like to relate your product or service in typical day to day life so that your Chinese customers can resonate to.

Chinese content marketing

Content is king. The key to attract organic and real fans that genuinely like you is via original content.We help you create an icon, persona, or ambassador that talks and resonates to Chinese consumers like a human being via original content that resonate to your brand DNA.

Of course, the original content will have Chinese keywords that also help Chinese search engine optimization at the same time. After developing these good and original Chinese content, we help you to spread them out in various Chinese mico-blogs and community platforms that relates to your customers’ interest.

Chinese SEO: Baidu, Sougu, 360 SEO

Chinese website audit package: Have already got existing Chinese website but translation are dry and confusing? Chinese website visibility in Chinese search engine is low? We offer a one-time, value for money consultancy service that dig out all the problems and provide a ready to go, step by step, detailed recommendation.

We also offer 3 months to 1 year Chinese SEO package depending your needs: We help increase the search engine ranking of your Chinese website while offering maintenance service to avoid Chinese keywords dropping back.

Chinese integrated digital marketing campaign

We help clients to design integrated marketing campaign to achieve a particular goal in a particular period of time. Want to reach more Chinese customers during Chinese New Year, national holiday, Summer season, Christmas etc?

We can create a tailored integrated Chinese digital marketing campaign that achieves your goal.The integrated digital marketing campaign is a one-off fee without committing yearly agency service cost, which will help start-up and small and medium enterprise to grow the China market step by step.

Data analysis, machine learning, and big data

Our talent in machine learning and data analysis enables us to help clients to turn data into insights and to make correct decisions in uncovering untapped opportunities in a new segment, analyzing consumers' behaviors, competitors, and make a better decision in advertising spending etc. Instead of taking the time to hire, train house data scientists and machine learning engineer, we can do all the work for you.

Chinese influencer marketing(KOL)

Chinesisches Influencer-Marketing (KOL) There are many influencers from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but who are the right one for you? The right one doesn't mean he/she has the most followers but in lined with your industry, target audiences and budget.

Baidu pay per click and online advertising

Our Baidu pay per click, Chinese SEM services includes Baidu, 360 & Sogou account setup, keyword research, pay per click advertisement copywriting, daily account management and monthly reports.We also offer online and display advertising services using data driven analytics to optimize and maximize ROI.

Video marketing

Video content had become popular and visible in many Chinese leading media as well as Chinese social media and to be foreseen to be even more popular in the coming years with the emerging AR and VR technology. We work with influencers and Vloggers to help brand produce original videos to reach out to Chinese customers.

latest blog

We always love to share our insights and thoughts on Chinese website, mobile app, content marketing, social media, digital marketing to you. In addition, we also love to share other interesting Chinese culture to you all so that it can benefit you to do business with Chinese.


We have offices located in both UK and China that serve clients from the West that are interested in localizing digital marketing initiatives for the Greater China market including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, that means we work across two different time zone that serve you more effectively.

Our Approach

We listen and offer Chinese digital marketing solution and product that fit clients’ sector, and most importantly, listen and understand the needs of Chinese targeted customers, with our ears, eyes, and heart.

We Listen

We get to know our client’s industry, business, product and most importantly its targeted customers. We always listen to our clients’ needs.

We Consult

Consulting is first part of our service offering which we spend time to offer advices and planning.

We Implement

By working along side with clients, we implement the Chinese digital marketing solution and product after our consulting service.

Our Philosophy

We love to build a long-term relationship with clients, that are why we seek to listen and understand our client, working with them closely, in return, we will always give our client the best that we’ve got.

Our Office

We have offices located in both UK and China that serve clients from the West that are interested in localizing digital marketing initiatives for the Greater China market including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, that means we work across two different time zone that serve you more effectively.

UK Office:Davidson House, The Forbury, Forbury Square, Reading, UK RG1 3EU

Hong Kong office: Unit 12, 21/F, Wayson Commercial Building, No. 28 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Lanzhou Office: Room 202, Unit 1, 3439 Yantan Road, Chengguan Lanzhou, China (Post Code: 730000)

Guangzhou office: Room 2006, 20/F, Julong Court, 7 Hua Cheng Road, Guangzhou, China


Below we selected some of the testimonials we received from our clients:

Sarah Yam and her team from UK and China were commissioned by me to produce a Chinese language website, hosted in Hong Kong and connected to Chinese social media and file sharing on Chinese servers. I am very please with the results of each of the aspects of the projects. They were very responsive, knew all the right questions to ask and kept me well informed of progress, any problems encountered were dealt with as quickly as possible and altogether they made the process easy for me. The quality of the design, the look of the website and the ease of use was exactly what asked for. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah Yam and her team to all UK small and medium business who want to dip their toes in the Chinese market. From Kevin

I recently worked with Sarah on developing a Chinese website for a luxury retail brand and must say that I am utterly impressed by her professionalism, knowledge, efficiency and design eyes. It was a great pleasure to work with Sarah and I have no hesitation to recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for high-quality website design jobs. From Sally

We are happy to work with Red Digital to develop our website and it has successfully bought web enquires after the website is launched! The turnaround time for the whole website development is really quick, and she is also very responsive in answering our questions. I have no hesitation to recommend Red Digital to anyone who is looking for high-quality web design. From Nancy

Red Digital has helped us to develop a Bilingual Chinese and English website, she is very responsive in replying my emails and patient in answering my questions, she is also a good and eager learner, I am happy that she can deliver a professional website that fits my industry and target audiences. Last but not least, I am happy to recommend Red Digital to anyone who want to build professional website. From Andy

Our Amazing Team

Red Digital is formed by a group of energetic, creative and talent team that help clients to achieve their goals.

Sarah Yam


Jiqi Sun


Lin Xian Tong

Branding and UI Designer

Hong Hu zi

Branding and UI Designer

Resf Liu


Amier Chang

Creative Copywriting and content marketing

Wen Le

Creative Copywriting and content marketing

Bai Xue

Social media & Community coordinator

Sun Chenxi

Project Manager

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